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Ten of the Most Extreme Holiday Activities in the World       Bookmark and Share 

Let’s face it some of us really want pure adrenaline and earth shattering terror from our holidays and the usual beach fare just won’t cut it. Sure you can paraglide, scuba dive, swim with sharks in a tank and all that but really that’s just tame. With that in mind decided to take a look at ten of the absolute scariest, most ruthlessly challenging holiday activities the world has to offer.

10. Drive a Bulldozer

If you want to get demolition happy then you need to head to Bradenton in the US where you can drive excavators and bulldozers before destroying a few concrete buildings. The whole experience “teaches” you about construction but really it’s an excuse to smash things.

Bulldozer Photo


9. Take the World's highest skydive in Orlando

Jumping from 18,000 feet, this is the scariest skydive in the world as you plummet towards the ground with views over the Atlantic and Florida hurtling towards you. While you can skydive almost anywhere in the world nowhere lets you reach such incredible heights – not one for the faint of heart.

 Parachuting Skydivers in Formation

8. World’s longest Zip line

If you think zip lines are for kid’s adventure playgrounds you haven't seen the world’s longest in South Africa. At over 900 feet in height, running for over a mile and giving you speeds up to 100mph you cannot beat this zip line outside Johannesburg.

7. Be a stuntman for the day

If you’ve ever wanted to jump from a building, drive like a lunatic or be set on fire then take a trip to Vegas where you can spend a day engaged in these and other great activities. The company Thrillseekers organises day long stunt courses and will give you a real taste of movies as well as danger.

6. Drive or cycle the road of death

The road of death in Bolivia is an earth road running 2,000 feet high through a gigantic gorge. Thankfully it is now closed to traffic but this road has claimed hundreds of lives with parts being just 10 feet across and few passing points! While traffic is now sparse this is still a scary experience – and well worth a trip.

5. Fly a MIG

If you’ve ever wanted to experience some serious g-force while you’re in a jet fighter doing flips and twists at incredibly high altitudes then tour operator £Incredible Adventures has just what you need; with a five day trip to Russia allowing you to fly 70,000 feet high on the cusp of space reaching speeds of a few hundred miles an hour!

Jet Airplane


4. Bungee jump into an active volcano

If you fancy leaping into a volcano from a helicopter head to Chile's Villarrica volcano where for a cool 7 grand you can jump into the active volcano; coming just a few hundred meters short of the lava! With helicopter flights over volcanoes being dangerous in their own right this truly extreme holiday activity.

3. Tour Chernobyl

This is about as extreme as it gets but not at all dangerous. However, as an extremely harrowing and scary experience this is the pinnacle of extreme travel with the ghost town from the 1986 disaster one of the scariest places on earth.

Nuclear Power Plant


2. Take the Hu Shan Mountain plank walk

Ever fancied walking across a thin plank some 2,000m above a vertical drop on the side of a mountain with only a chain holding you in place? Well you can in Xian China if you decide to climb to this incredible mountain monastery. Just don’t look down!

1. Climb Mount Everest

The world’s highest mountain is still the most challenging destination on earth but it has actually become incredibly popular in recent years and over ten people die attempting the summit every few years. There’s only a brief window of opportunity to climb to the seat of the world and you need to be at the pinnacle of fitness if you’re even going to attempt this!




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