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A story about one mans journey through the Internet..Did you ever wonder?...Welcome to my Journey...

    In 1999, when search engines were the craze of the internet, a few people started building directories. But directories never became popular and were pretty much off the radar as search engines dominated the internet. This of course never discouraged Howard Polley. Howard's quest to find everything adventurous on the Internet has turned his personal website devoted to Adventure into one of the greatest Internet directories of all time. So what is a Human Search Engine? A Human Search Engine is a actual 'Person' who searches the internet for websites about a particular subject. Unlike other search engines that use a 'Computer Robot Web Crawler' that is controlled by algorithms or other factors to find websites on the internet. A Human Search Engine will filter search results to produce a limited number of relevant results as well as related results of higher quality. Unlike traditional search engines that display too many results with too many results being irrelevant.

    "I can't help but laugh when I look back on my website that started with only one page". The idea to start my own website came to me after seeing Google for the first time. I happened to be at work when someone showed me the Google search engine. We started putting in keywords and were amazed at the results. I also noticed that there was too many results and too many things that were not relevant to the keywords. So as I left my colleges office I was walking down the hall, and at that moment, I decided that it would be a great to start my own website and organize the Internet. So I talked to one of my friends and he suggested that I buy a website building software. So while visiting a Computer Fair in Southbury Connecticut I purchased Microsoft's FrontPage Software, which I still use today. Since I loved adventure, loved traveling, loved sports and recreation, I decided to have my website dedicated to adventure. And the rest is history. I had to teach myself everything about website design and I'm still learning because the technology is always changing. And it wasn't just learning about website design, I also had to learn everything about the Internet like website hosting, website search engine submissions, Internet searches, computer software, computer hardware, photography, video, and so on and so on.

    The first couple of years I did all my Internet searches using a dial up modem, which was painfully slow. I could only visit a few websites a day. But when I got a DSL connection my website viewing immediately went into hyper drive. Since then I have visited 10's of thousands of websites and I was continually saying "Wow that's cool, where could I put that?". This is when my website started to grow and grow. I was always creating a new page, creating a new category and discovering things that I never new existed. I have found thousands of great websites. I have taken thousands of photos and uploaded them as well as videos and numerous articles. Besides Looking for Adventure.com being an adventurers paradise and an inspiration for the outdoors, I also have recommended outdoor gear, travel tips, travel services, vacation ideas, extreme vacations, sports, recreation, adventure jobs, adventure schools, adventure races and so much more. And in the last three years since 2008 I have also created one of the largest sources for education on the internet.

"As the Internet grew I grew along with it, I see no end to this growth"

    Adventure was only the beginning, a catalyst of something that is much bigger then myself. As I was Looking for Adventure I found so much more then I could have ever imagined. Like finding knowledge and information that has literally changed my life.
The internet is not just a place for websites, it's an extremely important connection. A connection with people, places, ideas, information and knowledge. There is so much to learn in cyberspace that we have only just begun. I have literally learned more from the Internet in the last 11 years then I have in the first 39 years of my life. And all along I thought I was just building a website.

To learn more about this incredible Journey visit www.lookingforadventure.com