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Connecticut Website Services:
Full Service Website Developing / Website Design Services / Website Management Services
Small Business Web Design /
Web Master / Web Developer / Front End Developing / HTML Editing
Remote Work / Web Content Producer / Knowledge Management

Phone: 203.798.0308                                                                              
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Cell: 203.788.2471  (8am-5pm ET)


Do you need a basic startup website or one that is a little more complex.
I will create your website to your specifications and make updates for you when needed. I can even teach you how to use the software so that you can manage your own website and make your own updates if you prefer.
I will talk you through the whole process and make sure you have complete access to your website with all passwords and account information.
Prices Average $100.00 Per Page for a Basic Website.
Basic Website Sample  
For Quotes and Questions Contact me anytime

Full Service Website Developing:
Help with choosing the right Domain Name.
Finding the best Hosting price
and setting up the correct website hosting plan depending on your websites needs. 
Host your Web site with iPage!  /  Powered by 100% Wind Energy
Designing web pages to look the same in the 3 major web browsers
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari   Browsers
Designing web pages to look the same in different size monitors and resolutions. Modifying web pages, photos and graphics so they load quickly for website visitors. Installing Meta Tags, Titles, Key Words and Descriptions to web pages to make website search engine friendly.
Submitting website to search engines for listing.
Make last minute changes and corrections to website if needed within
one week after website goes live. Make suggestions and improvements
for website if needed.

Website Management for updates and changes:
$65.00 for multiple updates or $25.00 for single update.
With Contract:
$100.00 - $600.00 / Month for Daily or Weekly Updates. 

Price does not include: Webpage design layout, templates, logo designing, special graphics, JavaScript, Flash Movies, Photo Slide Shows or E-commerce Websites with ASP.NET, IIS 7, Databases, email forms and subdomains. Prior to website creation Customer will supply text, content, information, photos, graphics, logos and design layout specifications. 
Please ask for a quote on these Extra Services.

Take Digital Photos or Video for your Website
Photography Services     Video Services

Logo Design - Advertising Layouts - Artwork - Identity & Branding
Graphic Design by Polley Creates






Helpful Website Tools...

Help with keywords & Search Engine Placement.
Search Engine Optimization Tools   
Search Engine Submission

Build and Manage your Website or Websites.  Software
There is not one Website Design software that I like. All have problems and limitations (by Shonda at dh online). I would start the the cheapest and easiest and then work your way up as you gain more knowledge and experience.

Conversion of your video for your Website.  Software
Create Photo Slideshows or Flash Presentations



Video Sample
Photo Slideshow Sample
Flash Slideshow Sample
Java Sample (Navigation Bar)

Internet Safety Links

Animation Creation Software
Animated Giffs
Speckyboy Design Resources


   Website Building Tools and Knowledge


  Put a Video Player on your Website 


  Website Education and Information

J Learning

Independent News Media

Youtube Tutorials

Web Content Management System (wiki)
Knowledge Management

More Online Education Providers


 Basic Website Code

 HTML codes, also referred to as HTML tags, are enclosed by the lesser than (<) and
 greater  than (>) brackets and may be written in capital or lower case letters.  Microdata

 <html>     <head>    <body>

 <title>Your Page Title</title>

The TITLE of your page. This will be visible in the title bar of the viewers' browser.

 Meta Element    XHTML     HTML5    Cascading Style Sheets (css)

 The opening bracket is followed by an element, which is a browser command,
 and ends with the closing bracket.

 <font size=2>

 Attributes are only contained in the opening HTML tags to the right of the element and
 are separated by a space and followed by an equal (=) sign.

 Web Design (wiki)        Web Hosting Service (wiki)        Web-Source





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